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Oh, Hello Ren ^^


I guess I already miss you again.. :( But it'd be annoying if I kept stalking you like this right.. Gomen </3

((>_< I am so sorry!))

How would you react if you found out that your manager used to be a star just like you, but she gave up her dreams when her parents died? Aaaand that she believes that it's her fault because they had a car accident during her debut to the world of showbiz :D

Something dangerous flickered in his eyes. “…All the more reason to take back the company.” Ren muttered, barely above an whisper. Oh yes, he knew exactly what to do. Once his contract ends and he regains control of his company, he would present the manager with another contract. A different contract, something that would blow her mind.

Perhaps, in a way, he had always known. The manager didn’t belong backstage. In fact, Ren couldn’t imagine a person better suited for the spotlight than her. She had the potential to shine brightly in others’ lives, just as she had lit up his world- a true star.

"What had happened to her parents is in the past. She’s a fool if she thought it was her fault."

He would make her realize that, in the most unforgettable way possible. Because she had changed him so much, and it was only fair if he returned the favor.

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// buddy, miss you too. ;v;

Oh my, I meant to say this last night, but if you haven't noticed, it's your turn for the family rp~

// …oops. uhhh… crap. -headdesks-


;v; yea i’m fine. -hugs- sorry for all this.

// holy shiiiii-

how long had it been since i’ve last been here? i don’t even… took me 10 minutes to figure out which email i used to register this account.

yeah, i’m back. and it’s all thanks to god who tracked me down like a bloodhound. (yes, you’ve found the right person. but how in the world did you find my scanlation group?)

i guess i can try to talk my way outta this one with some lame-ass excuses but that would just make me a bigger jerk than i already am. so enough about that. i prolly won’t actively seek out rps like i had been before (lol i know what you’re thinking- “huh? has ren ever actively pursued rps in the first place?”), but i’ll be around to hang with everybody, especially the starpro family.

i mean- i guess what i’m tryna say is- i’m feeling slightly sorry for my disappearance. not a lot, just… slightly. y’know? -squirms awkwardly-


…peace out.


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// xD thank you so much otoya! you’re awfully nice too. ;u;

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"Thank you, Hazime." He smiled bashfully.

// i gotta go now. will reply to my messages and rps later. bye folks.